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Leopards Courier Service – A Disgrace

Yesterday, I found out I had a fever, and reeling from bouts of nausea and headache, I found myself desperate for my comfortable bed a cup of hot tea. Trying to manage my ill-health, along with research work that had to be completed within the hour, you can imagine how annoyed I was when I got a call from an unknown number and a Pindi-boy accent said “Hey-low!”. Granted, it is not ‘nice’ or ‘politically correct’ for me to mind/make-fun-of/point out someone’s accent, but I was annoyed, and this man seemed to be a cause for further irritation. He was calling me on behalf of the Leopard Courier Service, which, according to their website (click here), is “geared towards getting you the most timely and efficient deliveries” and said to me: “Your address does not exist.” Confounded by this statement, I insisted that indeed it did. I lived there and could most definitely confirm the existence of walls and a roof and a gate and everything else that comprises a typical Islamabad residence.

Further inquiry revealed that he had my address written down incorrectly and after repeating five-thirty-two (532)* three times, I had to finally say (loudly) paanch-so battees (translation of 532) before he understood me. This obstacle now overcome, we moved on to the next one. When would I, he asked, Mister Zainab Khawaja – I did not even try to correct him this time. I had given up all hope by now – be home so that the package could be delivered? 4.30 was the time decided and I happily hung up the phone. My result was due to arrive! I was anxious and nervous. What grades did I get? Did I do well? A well-known nerd, I was quite obviously freaking out about my GPA. In a few hours, at 4.30, it would be unavoidable. YIKES.

My worries were in vain. No, that does not mean I got a 4.0 GPA. That means Leopard Courier Service never showed up. I called their regional headquarters at 5.30 pm, then 6 pm – both times I was informed that the courier was most definitely on his way. Then, when I called at 6.30 pm, I was kindly directed to Mr. Nadeem of Operations, who said to me. “Why don’t you just wait patiently? We’ve told you it’s on its way. It will get there when it will get there. You should stop calling us.” 

From 6.30 to 7.30, I found that they had disconnected their phone line at the regional headquarters, and when I called at 7.45, a kindly gentleman – after I ranted at him (as politely as possible) about MY VERY IMPORTANT PACKAGE THAT NEVER ARRIVED – said that he would make sure it was delivered at 5pm the next day.

I would like to end by saying that on the Leopards Courier website, it says: “At Leopards, we believe time is money”, and I would just like to say, I believe you’re just about bankrupt.


* please note this information has been changed for obvious reasons

16 thoughts on “Leopards Courier Service – A Disgrace

  1. Thank you for your thoughts about the service of this particular company, I stumbled upon your webpage while looking for their local courier in my home town, however having read the views of the people on here, I wont be using this company ever. Thank you.

  2. Worst courier service ever .would never use it even if its free honest recommendation for everyone is to stay away from Leopards courier as they can’t deliver your parcel in a million years .don’t use it .

  3. m waiting for a few papers in uk… n God knows when id get it… i was supposed to get it yesterday… sucks big time… never again

  4. Thanks for the heads up Zainab, I was thinking about sending several different shipments to UK by Leopards. Guess I’ll have to look elsewhere.

  5. Hello Zainab, I also want to share my recent experiance which happened with me yesterday. I don,t know why i hav’nt read your post before posting my courier through leapord.
    An competition was held yesterday in Uet kala saha kaku, and i sent my photographs through leapord courier. i sent it before 2 days so it could reach before. But on the competition day, the organizer told me that your pictures have not reached to department. i wondered how it could be possible. I reached to leapord courier office from where i had booked my courier. I entreated with the main person, sitting there and he gave me rude reply ” Aap kal head office se patha karien, abi hum nhn bta saktay.” Next day when i called main head office to inquire, they said that this area is out of our service so we can,t deliver your courier. I said, what do you mean by this. How it could be possibe that the main university of pakistan is not in your service area. Then they said that we will deliver your pakage specially. I stated that leave it, i was really idiot that i send my pakage through your service… Any way again printed my photographs and requested to include my photographs in event, and i secured second position in competition..
    So guys Never ever use this horrible courier specially when you are sending important document..
    Try TCS or OCS, they may charge 30 or 40 ruppees more, but they will deliver your pakage at right time..

  6. Never Use this shit service. i am waiting my Courire which i have submit in Pakistan and also paid , every thing was done after 2 weeks i chaked online that my parcal is still in Krachi. Then i call to my Service agent he sad sir Your Packet is in Dubai and your Postalcode is wrong.
    My Postal code is in Germany 52146 ( 1 ) he means in Arabic is 8 thats why they r unable to deliver my packet to Germany. Just Kiding or making people fool. I live in Germany from last 30 years and i send mostly my packets to Pakistan never got this problem some time i wrote also Adress in Urdu just country name in English, and my parcel was deleverd to pakistan but my packet which come from pakistan trough Leopard service is unable to deliver becoze as we writte 1 is in Arabic 8 really funy .
    Still waiting for my parcel, but next week i have to go back to pakistan i will claim trough Highcourt Lahore and i will see how long they will stay in pakistan

  7. Ohkay! so that has put me in doubt now. I came across your blog while researching on courier services in PK for business purposes. I haven’t used leopard before, but this blog has for sure made me very doubtful…would not want my clients worrying over their package like this.
    Thanks for blogging about this Zainab! :)

  8. lol..i’m sure that could just happen to any of the courier service..and seriously, mind it’d not just wake up in the morning, blog about some brand/co. for which lots of people are workin’ too hard to see/bring it to the top. ah! well.. no, i’m not from leopard nor do i personally know any of the ppl from there but i was just lookin fwd for some courier service for my website ‘let me do a little marketin for myself as well now =P’ well its for now

    anyway, hope you don’t mind it.. but seriously don’t just offend people as that guy who freaked you out was just a delivery man, who’s a human and not as good as yourself but he’s a human.. dun wanna lecture :)) hope you understand! people are imperfect!


    1. One of the couriers ended up leaving it on the hood of my car one day. I normally don’t go checking my cars for mail, so I didn’t notice, and I called the headquarters, where, get this:
      They had no idea it was already delivered and the guy sorrily admitted to me that they had lost the package :S I know!
      And then, I found it on my car.

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