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SPECIAL FEATURE: The #NUST Controversy & the #RectorSpeech

Disclaimer: I am NOT being paid to write/tweet about any of this. I am NOT employed as the official NUST Spokesperson. I am a student at NUST School of Social Sciences & Humanities, and I am a proud NUSTian, who wanted the world to have all the facts before it formed opinions.

For a complete and detailed live-feed of the Rector Speech, please visit my Twitter timeline, where I tweeted directly from the meeting, by clicking here. Search my tweets that are hashtagged #NUST and #RectorSpeech.


What happened:

September 2013: Old students return for their 3rd, 5th and 7th semesters, and new students enter NUST as part of the 2014 batch. Old students see that some things have changed. New rules have been instated. New students see that there are a lot of rules they weren’t used to in their A Levels or F.Sc. schools and go through the period of “man, this is weird” that all new students feel in the first few weeks of university.

NUST students working at planting trees as part of the South Asian Youth Conference 2012
NUST students working at planting trees as part of the South Asian Youth Conference 2012

What were the new rules, and what were the old rules:

NEW RULE: 3 roommates per room in the hostels for both boys and girls because 450 students were accommodated over capacity.

NEW RULE: Of the three cafes students used to visit, one (called NG Cafe) was now off limits to students, because it was built specifically for university staff, and they complained that students always filled it up. This made the students sad because NG has the best lassi.

NEW RULE: Of the two remaining cafes, students were free to use both during the day (before 5 pm) but after 5pm, one cafe (Concordia 1) was off limits to boys, and the other (Concordia 2) was off limits to girls. So there was some co-ed time at the cafes and some segregated time at the cafes.

OLD RULE: For students of NUST Business School and the NUST School of Social Science & Humanities (NS3H students are currently housed in the NBS building while their state of the art structure is being built, and so must abide by NBS rules) jeans are not allowed, as the NBS dress code calls for “formal dress”. This is only for NBS. Girls must wear a dupatta as part of a three-piece shalwar kameez suit. They are not under any compulsion to wear a dupatta on their heads. This dupatta and jeans rule applies only to the students of NUST Business School. All the engineering schools within the H-12 campus (SEECS, SCEE, SCME, etc.) have no suh rule. Students are commonly found wearing jeans. SADA, the architecture school, has NO dresscode. Students are often dressed in very Western styles that are not found in any other school. Sheer/see-through clothing, provocative art or imagery on clothing that may offend others is also not allowed, shorts and skirts are also not allowed.

OLD RULE: Speed limit within the NUST H-12 campus, to make roads safe for walking students.

OLD RULE: Must always have NUST ID card on your person while in the university, so that when passing through any of the external or internal gates, you can prove your identity. And that’s what a student card is for.

OLD RULE: Curfew for male hostelites to get back to campus is 11 pm. Curfew for female hostelites is 9.30 pm.

All the directors (all students) who worked to put together Pakistan's first Internation MUN (NIMUN 13)
All the directors (all students) who worked to put together Pakistan’s largest Olympiad with  over 3000 participants.


1. NUST will impose a 7.30 pm curfew on the girls. This did not and will not happen.

2. Uniforms will be introduced at NUST H-12. This did not and will not happen. This is a semi-civilian campus. NUST runs a tight ship, but only in the interest of peace and orderly activity.

3. NUST is a nest of Taliban wanna-bes who are converting Pakistan‘s youth. NUST is the largest and one of the most prestigious universities in the country with more state-of-the-art facilities for its students than any other. It is NOT against Western thinking or knowledge. In fact, students are encouraged to go abroad for competitions, etc.

The Publications team that I led for NIMUN 2013.
The Publications team that I led for NIMUN 2013.


A lot of new rules were suddenly implemented and the reasons for them were not clearly communicated to the students. This resulted in misunderstanding and frustration. The new rules, such as the post-5 PM cafe segregation made it difficult to work in groups, hangout with friends, etc. and students grew angry.

New students at NBS were used to wearing skinny jeans and dressing any way they wanted, and didn’t think a university would have a dress code that limited them in any way. Keep in mind, these kids wore uniforms all throughout their A Levels, so why this was such a big deal to them all of a sudden is kind of a surprise.

Students started calling NUST a “madrassah” and making creative memes that were almost all based on the 5 PM segregation of cafes. At this point, boys and girls were still hanging out together OUTSIDE THE CAFES, WITHIN THE CAMPUS. They are allowed to sit on the grass together, walk together on the roads, watch the football teams practice, etc. Inter-mixing was not banned. These memes caught fire. Students were used to cribbing about not being able to wear jeans. We all know we love to whine about old rules. So the media picked it up and blew it out of proportion.

The real issues that students were frustrated with were not about the jeans or the dupatta. What was much more pressing to them were the cafe segregation, the curfew rumors, the problems at the hostels – they were crowded, the warden didn’t care about their issues. There were issues to be addressed about the vans that take day scholars home after classes, etc. The media chose one of the smallest aspects and turned it into primetime news. The real issues that students wanted to discuss were all brought forth by the students themselves at the Rector’s address.

Hiking Trip on the Margalla Hills
Hiking Trip on the Margalla Hills


1. Girls are forced to wear dupattas on their heads.

2. Girls cannot leave hostels without mahrams.

3. Girls and boys throughout the 23 schools that are part of the NUST cannot wear jeans or tights.

4. Boys are not allowed to talk to girls in H-12. Girls cannot talk to boys. No inter-mixing is allowed.

5. NUST has put in place a very strict authoritarian regime and is force feeding extremist religion to the kids.


1. Dupattas on shoulders, for NBS and NS3H students only.

2. Girls can leave hostels at any time. Vans are even provided on the weekends to take them out to popular shopping centers so they don’t have to spend money on cab fare. They just need to be back by 9.30 PM. The curfew were set to keep security in check. NUST has a lot of undeveloped land around it, which has been known to be dangerous open abadi. Attacks have taken place in the past and that is why the curfews are now in place.

3. Jeans only not allowed for NBS and NS3H students as they are expected to dress business formal. Tights not allowed with short shirts.

4. Intermixing is allowed and does occur. Only two isolated spots – the cafes are segregated AFTER 5 PM. Some other areas of campus are off limits because they are far-flung and not well-lit, for the students’ own safety. Keep in mind, NUST has a 4 square km campus. It’s huge and not all of it is paved and lit up like a Christmas tree.

5. NUST is a Taliban foxhole? Seriously? In my third semester, I had a teacher who asked us to prove the existence of God as a theoretical challenge. We have speakers from around the world (Western world included) come and deliver seminars and conduct workshops. NUST sends students (including girls) around the world for competitions. Bangkok, the US, etc. We hosted the South Asian Youth Conference 2012 and the World Engineering Congress 2013. We hosted an international model United Nations (NIMUN) last year, and have plans to expand it even more this year, calling in even more foreign delegates. I have heard of three kids who call themselves athiests and study at NUST. You think the Taliban would let them just hang out at the cafe with everyone? Christian students study at NUST and are open about their faith.



The Rector (which means the head of all the schools of NUST – there are over 20) held 2 meetings – one with the girls yesterday at 3,45 and one with the boys this morning. The reason these meetings were segregated was because there is no one auditorium big enough to fit all students and because girls wanted to discuss issues like the dress code, the hostels, etc. and to have the boys present would have made it possible for rude commentary to pursue and girls might not feel completely comfortable discussing everything openly. Same idea when it comes to the boys.

Keep in mind, you may have a very confident approach to life and may be very liberal and open about discussing male and female issues but NUST has an extremely diverse student body, with students from Islamabad and Lahore and Karachi who are well-off and confident and very modern in their thinking, and students from Pishin, interior Sindh, the Frontier, etc, who have much more conservative values and patterns of thought. There is a need to create balance and harmony within this student body and the rules in place are a compromise – a half and half to get both sides to calm their bananas a little bit and learn to get along and cooperate.

Students on a nature photowalk with their cameras, trying to get pictures of birds.
Students on a nature photowalk with their cameras, trying to get pictures of birds.


He was very open minded and let the students speak. The question and answer session was over 90 minutes long. He answered each question, apologized whenever he heard individual stories of wrongs students suffered and changed a number of rules. The presidents and principals of each individual school were present and several were held accountable on the spot. It was clear that the meeting was held in good faith and that there was a positive want to improve and change for the benefit of the students.

For a complete and detailed live-feed of the Rector Speech, please visit my Twitter timeline, where I tweeted directly from the meeting, by clicking here. Search my tweets that are hashtagged #NUST and #RectorSpeech.


145 thoughts on “SPECIAL FEATURE: The #NUST Controversy & the #RectorSpeech

  1. It was not to hurt anyone, just for betterment about some issues crossing limits (Admin is not bound to disclose everything to students/public). I’m not in blind favor of NUST admin but never forget each student joined NUST first signed an affidavit to obey university rules otherwise one can be expel without any prior intimation. So have some control on such post and concentrate on your education not likewise social media activism. Students should raise their voices only for “genuine” issues like you have issues with basic facilities at varsity premises.

  2. There should not be any dress code, this is a university not a military installation. If the dress does not break Pakistan law… that is completely naked men or girls in bikinis… or whatever the law says (in fact no one knows what the exact law is on dress code in pakistan)… then it should be allowed. I should be able dye my hear purple and attend classes in my PJs/nightsuite, un-combed hair, and with facial hair growing in all directions…. as long as I don’t smell bad that would disturb other students….
    One’s dress or libbass is suppose to reflect what one really is…. don’t force them to lie… let them be what they want to be and show it via their dress.

  3. if u read the comments … why only boys have the objections against these rules … y ur bothered if ur not allowed to mingle with girls after certain time … n y it bothers u if girls r asked to dress properly … its simply a big question on the intentions of those students/gender who r not affected by these rules …n one more thing … the life style ur living or have lived for past 17 to 18 yrs its not a must that others studying with u have also lived like that … things which r DAILY LIFE for u must not be same for others … n if at all certain uni is not as per ur life style n cant support ur needs … i think its wise to choose a better institution … if a truck wala hotel is too dirty n unhygienic for someone with a golden spoon people have made serena n other hotels for them … u cant change whole society n culture just to match ur own needs

  4. I think the control of Pakistan must be handed over to Taliban………….. Very cheap and confusing comments who are advocating the worst policy which clearly shows the centi mental nature of the NUST administration…..

    1. what is wrong in enforcing this policy ?? whether u take or it its there :-) when ppl talk about Islam you call it Taliban !! Wat kind of Muslim you are or not ?

  5. Very nice article…I am an ex nustian just graduated ths year…thanks for bringing out the real picture..awesome work……

    1. I would suggest that kindly send your article to Dawn or any news that the whole criticising community can know the facts…because Dawn News is continuously critcising NUST’s policies…

  6. I’m not a student of Nust or any University but just a student. I also heard many rumours about Nust & I guess if everybody once read your article/blog I’m sure his/her mind will be clear. There’re many kind of people in this universe, also in Pakistan & in 1 city take example as Islamabad, some institutes/universities they’re jealous by the performance of Nust so maybe that’s why they spreading rumours cause they’re not a part of Nust or cause they’re jealous from Nust students, there are many cases etc. About media I have 1 word summary unreliable, never trust on them cause they have no concern with anyone but to share & make news first whether is true or not. Anyhow rules & regulations in positive manners always bring prosperity either it’s university or a nation. The rules implementation of Nust is in the favour of students & in their life & thumbs up for you @Zainab Khawaja to explain each & everything clear in all aspects & represent the true picture in front of all people are they belongs to Nust or not but atleast everyone’s mind will be clear from all rumours, keep it up (Y)

  7. I think new rules are 110 percent correct. They are aimed helping avoid some of moral problems that are arising in society. I know boys and girls need to sit together to work in groups. But 99 percent people who sit in cafe do not study. Their purpose is something else. Three people in room is also good. Because among two people alone third is shaitan or nafs which can force to do anything wrong. We all adult we know it. And Dopatta in woman is necessary. In public woman without dopatta and western dress can easily distract males and help increase there animal desires. It should be done in all-over Islamic Country. Thumbs up to NUST NEW RULES.

  8. Sure Not ! I appreciate NUST admin on taking sucha courageous step tranquilizing the equality, and I do appreciate this young girl, Zainab clarifying in sucha way. Not only NUST but as an Islamic Republic of Pakistan, all other institutes and universities should follow these rules m happy :-) whether Rests like it or not, but somehow they are abide by these rules, and that is a great achievement !!

  9. I m just an outsider keeping an eye onthis topic.Girls boys segregated after a time limit awesome.Cerfew .we all have at our homes .dress code .its not even a dress code .they are not putting u in a uniform of blue and white.We have our limits set many hundred years ago.

  10. If ever there was a puerile attempt to pull the wool over others’ eyes, this is it. With such a desperate excuse for a face saving attempt, you may as well have been paid by NUST. You have a pat excuse for everything!

  11. we are vigilant to follow trafic rules but hasitent to follow God’s instrunctions .. why you fear Islamic law and still u wanted to be called a muslim .. Listens NUST on day you will have to follow the Islamic dress code and obligation . you will have to give up ur all unislamic values .. Be sure if not toady then tomorrow ..

  12. Zainab, the harshest critics of NUST know it has a co-ed environment. As an ex NUSTIAN and someone who has friends and family members currently enrolled at H-12 as well as teaching there, I am well aware of the coersive methods the administration employs to keep the students under their thumb. It is not Taliban grade oppressive but we need not let our standards fall so low before we start a debate.
    Either you are unaware of the existance of the letter signed and circulated by Director Student Affair, Mahmud Bashir Bajwa, dated Sep 12 or you chose to exclude it from post considering it irrelevant. The letter’s image was posted to NUST Trolls fb page until NUST Trolls mysteriously disappeared from cyberspace sometime last week. It can still be found if you search for NUST Trolls on google image search; it will be right at the top. The letter clearly states that intersex intermixing is not allowed after unset ‘anywhere’. It also states that only girls are banned from the NG staff cafe. The list goes on. I would like to believe that you did not misrepresent the facts intentionally. I am not asking you to change your opinion, after all it is based on first hand experience and it is clear that you are a smart, young woman who speaks her mind and is not apologising for her faith or institution. All I ask of anyone is to not let the administration get away from this debate without making changes on the ground if there are any shortcomings that need addressing. Gauging from the reaction of the dean of one of the biggest, if not the biggest, colleges at H-12, it seems like the administration has refused to learn anything from the whole episode except reinforcing their strong arm tactics mentality. Also the rector may feign ignorance all he wants, but these ‘rules’ were approved in a presentation made to him on Sep 5 as stated in the aforementioned letter. Don’t let him charm you into thinking otherwise.

    1. Hi Zeeshan. First of all, thank you for taking the time out to read my blog and comment on it. I am aware of the Sept 12 directive and I was very disturbed by Point C (which you have referred to). As a result of the Rector’s address to female students (after which I wrote this blog post as a conclusive summary of the facts as they stood as a result of that adress), that earlier directive has been revised and certain changes have been made. For example, the dupatta and tights rule has been revised. Also, the infamous Point C has been edited so that intermixing is not allowed in far flung badly lit areas of campus. It was also stated during the address that the cafe segregation would be repealed however no permanent action has taken place to ensure this. I hope that it is soon. Also, as a result of the address many issues that hostelites were facing were solved. So while I do admit that it was not a complete victory for th students and we need to keep pushing for improvement, I also think that the address was a step in the right direction and I hope that we can progress from here on out.

  13. Initially, I am highly disappointed in for promoting such a petty issue at highest levels.
    I must say an educational institution should be a home of ethics, values, ideals, standards & culture (the Pakistani culture, in case of NUST ). It shouldn’t be a hangout, tavern or club.
    I don’t find jeans bad but how good do you feel when you can see a low-rise on a skinny guy, I mean seriously; why on the earth I want to see his inner??? lol
    Finally, I want to request to the students of NUST & rest of the national institutions, plz look Modern, stylish, classy, cool or hot but in a decent way, just don’t dress up vulgar.

  14. I’m an ex-pat Pakistani who keeps in touch with Pakistan by browsing For me dress code in NUST was not such a big issue. The big issue was that the Dawn highlighting this as a major issue as if there is nothing else important happening in Pakistan.

    Also, after reading this informative article it seems some of the students went a bit overboard in their interpretation of the enforcement of rules – but then we Pakistanis are above the rules!

  15. I am from SADA (not student), You talked about SADA’s students dress code of female. Let me tell you I have never seen such students wearing those unacceptable dress. Yes they wear modern dresses, but that is too acceptable because if u are student in NUST then you have to be updated and follow ur friends, if you not then people will let u away from group. If you talk about see through dress then my dear it is not only in SADA, its in other schools, other univs and all over Pakistan.
    Once again SADA students dress code is good.
    I think entrance of male and female in Concordia is good for both. You can talk all the day with each other. After evening this must be stopped and i think this rule is good one.
    I will add this statement that all NUST is ours whether its NBS, SMME, SADA etc etc. we Staff and we Students are proud to be a part of it. and i fell happy to be the family member.

    NUST a family institute…….

  16. I am from very different kind of culture and i have absolutely no connection to your universities and my knowledge of islamic culture is very limited. But as an outsider few thoughts came to my mind..
    Dresscodes..they are schools all around the businessworld and in most of other day jobs..and in sports. At its best they create a feel of unity and shows to world,to customers and to your opponent in sports where you stand and what you represent. Should they be used to force someone to act against their believes..surely not but i believe one can live by his/hers values no matter what they wear. is full of them and if we dont learn to follow reasonable rules (and again i dont say anything about this schools particular rules cause i dont know anything about them) we will notice life itself coming bit difficult. I am little older generation and its bit sad to watch my countries young men who are used to our free upbringing and more and more of them cant even go thru our army cause they cant take orders and as simple thing as certain bed time is too hard for them :P
    Life and world changes..and if im right it wasnt too long ago when female university students was an absolute impossibility in big parts of islamic world. We have had that in our history was not womans place to take part in politics or get high places in business world and now we have had female president and many of our most powerful businessmen are actually women (and im proud of it as a man)
    But what i know our pioneers in making that change wore their school uniforms and mostly lived by those days rules..and made that change by showing their potential and making themselves needed..and when they got to point where their voice was heard they were able to change rules – and take down dressing codes too ;)
    I guess what im saying is that your teachers are product of their time and you need to understand where those thoughts come proud of what you have accomplished so far and what you represent. And what needs to be changed change it in those limits you can..when you get more saying in things you can change some more and same time get us older peeps to really understand where that need to change comes.

  17. Wow! I cannot imagine this s what is happening in college in Pakistan. You know why are we still stuck and unable to brekathrough and bring Pakistan to become a better place is because of this. Why should girls always abide by ‘parda’.. why not guys… in fact just let everyone be…. why is islam becoming a man’s religion now? Back to my concern with NUST. Instead of wasting time on these administrative things at NUST, it is better that the institution strategy board(if there is any) should focus on how to graduate kids with a phenomenal and outstanding personality, so they can be the future leaders. I would rather want NUSTians to be compared to IVY Leagues. I wan NUST to have an exceptional way of empowering their kids, so every institution (within Pakistan or outside) wants to hire them and make them part of their team. When will the strategic board at NUST will realize that they are playing with the future. Rather empower them, provide them and equip them with what the previous generation lacked. I am sad, in fact very sad to see, that students and the administration are rather stuck on these petty issues… tch tch tch…Is this the strategy of NUST. What is the strategic statement of NUST. I feel even worse, as I cannot do anything. I am away from Pakistan, stuck. Sometimes I wish I was in Pakistan. I would have started a peaceful petition to strategically elevate the institutions strategy and leadership values.
    Please comment and suggest to my opinions.
    I think it is time, we should rise up and ask NUST not to play with their students.
    I mean where I studied, there are career services for freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors. I was shocked when my sister told me that there is no concept of freshmen summer research or summer internship. And then NUST says they are the best school? From where exactly?

    Please email me at If you have any suggestions or want to join hands towards better education

  18. For those who are of the view that there should be same dress code for all the schools in NUST. Let us be clear that NUST business school is preparing their students for the management/business professional life and in their field, a good outlook is one of the most important part of their personality. Unlike that of any other field e.g. engineer; whose technical competence is of prime importance. These professionals of tomorrow need to abide by these (supposedly) painful rules for their own good.

  19. With all due respect: To suggest in the 21st century that a “co-ed environment exists at NUST” that there is a problem with co-ed. Further, for me, it is not necessary to exhibit love and religion in public (religion symbols are tribalism). One must be honest with ownself. Only then one can be honest with others. What Pakistan needs is honesty (and least religiosity) among youth, courage to take the politicians to task, honour all religions and honour national heroes without consideration of their religion, colour, creed or class (“so-called caste”). Perhaps then Pakistan can redeem itself and get rid of religious bigots, and bigoted politicians.

  20. Look at your notice board when you pass by. You will see an ex-army fool signed a notice with girl’s names and comments, ‘without dupatta’, ‘wearing tights’ .. How indecent NUST admin has become !

    1. Dear i think its not bad if you are in there place. They have the duty to look after if they dont then higher mgmt will ask from them.. so its not there fault. If my sister study in NUST and such strictness are there then i will be satisfied from management,

  21. “in the best interests of students”….Use this phrase and impose whatever rule you want to! NUST should be a champion of “freedom of expression and Thought” .. but here we are, the university wants to restrict students from sitting in a mixed gathering in the evening, they restrict you to wear clothes which you and your family considers decent and they impose fines for wearing “tights and jeans” on girls and then advertise this on their notice boards… ! A university or a religious seminary ? A university which is grooming students by restricting their freedom of thought and expression! I don’t know someday NUST admin will hire a Mufti to deliver Fatwas and categorize some dresses as decent and indecent.. these rules are madness !!

  22. We, the people of Pakistan, are extremists indeed. A handful of us understand that there exists a colour ” grey” between black and white. The chasm between the two poles of extremism– ultra conservatism and extra liberalism– is widening with each passing day. The ordinary Pakistani who practises his religion,whichever it may be, finds himself in stifling environs, forced to breath bricks instead of air. On one hand, he encounters those who are brimming with the altruistic zeal to make make this world homogenous in terms of religion and ideology, on the other he confronts those who won’t let go a chance, however flimsy and trivial it may be, to embarrass anyone who wants to maintain a semblance of sanity and decency in this otherwise rotten society.
    While reading this eminent paper on wednesday, I came across a very domestic story on pg 14 that I normally read for international stories. ” NUST FINES GIRLS….”.
    This naive reader couldn’t comprehend the logic of this story? Was that a news worth taking 30 square inches of such a respected daily ? And more nebulous was the fact that this story was embellishing pg 14, that otherwise reports international events.
    I have been to an all- boys boarding school of an illustrious standing. I was fined for wearing a half sleeves shirt. Reason: half sleeves shirts were not allowed. For wearing three-quarters Bermuda in university campus, I had been sharply rebuked by a teacher. Even though nowhere in any university document was it mentioned that students are not allowed to don such attires. But I was not lucky enough to grab attention of some journalist who could publish my woes and let the WORLD know what miseries students have to brave in their quest of education in this hapless country we call Pakistan. I fault my gender– male– for this irony, for such a story with a male protagonist wouldn’t have elicited ” Ahs” and ” Ohs” from a person educated enough to read en English daily.
    If Dawn really has 30 square inches of space to spare for such inane stories, the dress code prescribed for female probationers in Civil Services Academy would surely make the headline on front page. After all unlike women going to private universities, probationers have to stay in this country and after 2 or 3 decades we’ll find them at the helm of affairs.
    The point this scribe is trying to make is that every institution, whether educational or non-educational, has a dress code. Norms and Folkways are important aspects of our lives, for we are social beings and have to respect the ideals of the society in which we dwell. I would request the respondent to come up with a photograph of Mr. Obama wearing a light coloured suit, let alone casual attires. I hope no one would like to see Mr Nawaz Sharif addressing the UN General Assembly wearing a ” Dhoti”.
    Tail peace: we have many very important stories to narrate other than the ” woes” of ladies who were fined for wearing denims, university rules notwithstanding.
    (From Hasan wazir)

  23. As a U.S. Fulbright Scholar I have visited and taught at NUST on several occasions over the past year. I have found the students, faculty, and administration to be incredibly welcoming and open to what I have to offer. I found the rector to be a profoundly intelligent, forward thinking, and generous man. I look forward to the next time I may visit this wonderful and impressive school!

  24. NUST was and will remain an Army-run institute where ‘thakk-say-salute-karo’ will always be the praise-worthy attitude and which will continue churning out mindless drones devoid of creativity. Thank God Pakistan has been blessed with institutes like IBA, LUMS, Aga Khan and GIKI to compensate for the damage that the military is inflicting on the country’s youth via NUST.

    1. this is “main na manu” thing… despite of having a detailed view of all the things happened from a couple of weeks; u’re bullifying NUST for no good reason…

    2. Well said Hajrah…..only those students who suffered from NUST are well aware of the situation. I regret for being one of them….

  25. Thanks Zainab Khawaja for holding such a bold and exclusive tweets for the NUSTians. As a matter of fact, NUST is actually hijacked by the Army retired officers and their crude mind set. They are having key posts in the top educational institutions and they are increasing their strength by employing retired officers to strengthen their lobby and constituency.

    As you might know that, army soldiers usually follow the book called ‘Green book’ to get disciplined while serving in army. Unfortunately, with the same mind set, after getting retired from the army, they are enjoying extremely high salaries and benefits to govern the H-12 where the victims are mainly civilian students.
    As you know that lower ranked army officer(either retired or serving) cannot say ‘NO’ to his higher ranked officer, therefore, all the decision making process is so complex and completely governed with the dictatorship of the rector.

    Actually, NUST educational and administrative standards should be convenient and flexible with true academic spirits to facilitate the students and to encourage R & D culture. But these army retired officers spend their time in discussing these standards in the Faculty Board of studies and Academic Council meetings, but what they worry about is; to eat and enjoy the serving cakes and tea in the tea breaks.

    For the rector, I would like to add one comment which I concluded after having a meeting with him last year. Allah in Army walo say Raait (sand) Bajreee ka kaam karwa….lakin ye university na chalwa. Ameen.
    Kiyo kay jang to inhain larni nahi hai……or retired ho kar ye loog educational institute ka satianaas kar rahay hain……

  26. i am not associated with nust in anyway, but i think its a great university in terms of teh grads it has been producing for the mkt. many organizations prefer graduates from nust, must be for a reason. but i really dotn understand why nust is getting involved in all these nitty gritties of what students should wear and hwo they should interact, and what should be the cafe timings, etc etc. this is just deviating from their core field,they should focus on their academics! u need to understnd that ppl coem to univeristies to STUDY, they come from different backgrounds, they are over and done with the stage where the school tries to mold them and teach them manners andhpw to behave and what to say and what not to say. they are their own individualsby now. so the university should just focus on providing them good education.

    Its really unfortunate to see universities getting involved in theri student’s lives to such an extent! who defines what is decent and what is indecent? what is appropriate and what is inappropriate? i girl in shalwar kameez and a dupatta could coem across as indecent compared to a girl wearing jeans and a t-shirt depending on the way they are dressed up! so yes, nust please, stop trying to be the “Gurukul” from the indian movies “Mohabbatein” and just be what you have always been, cuz u guys have been great, just continue to do the same!

    1. The soberness and modesty is the key to any civilized society. See the pictures of business schools across the world and you will see that what they are wearing. Provision of good education is the responsibility of any institution but at the same time keeping the discipline and ethics is also the responsibility of institution. Wearing of jeans may not be prohibited but wearing of butt hugging jeans of course is to be prohibited. Wearing of tights should be prohibited but flappers are allowed with long shirts. Dupatta is the symbol of eastern culture. Institution is not strict in wearing dupatta as hijaab.
      I must say if people have reservation they must leave such institutions and get admission in western brand names present in Islamabad or go abroad. Bravo NUST, you must continue what is appropriate

  27. “and students from Pishin, interior Sindh, the Frontier, etc, who have much more conservative values and patterns of thought”

    ……in their perspective they may think the same for “so called”(used in the same sense as conservative was being used) well-off society. Request to respect people from each school of thoughts.

  28. I remember a time in EME when they used to drop students outside the college in cold winters and we had to walk a mile to classes. One day we protested and asked the admin to let the buses go inside, for which what happened? All those going on buses were fined in 1000s and some were even threatened to be expelled.

    I like the whole process of students raising this debate on social media. After some high profile transfers from EME to NUST H-12, such restrictions are just the beginning. The university should show it’s maturity, as does the largest educational institutions of the world and take the opinion of it’s student body in policy making. I think this example will setup a framework for future, whether students force the admin to sit on a table and discuss or continue to follow one way rules, more of which will come in the upcoming years.

    However I share the pain of the author because some are using this debate as an excuse to bad mouth about NUST, which is far from reality. I believe that only mature universities like NUST can take up such issues and make an example for the rest.

  29. Why are we making this a fight over religion…. Just chill guys…. I still don’t understand the purpose of this long article…. It wasted my time…. NUST Rules and Bull Shit…… I am former student of NUST and i hate this UNIVERSITY Administration because they use these rules just for themselves and against for students. There should be thousand of rules in the favour of students and none has been implemented. I am not in favour that people call NUST Talibistan… But i am also against this concept that majority of Administration Posts are occupied by ex armed officers and they rule nust…. Simple and clear… I dont need to read this whole article i knew all the stuff happens in NUST because i lived there for Four years and i suffered a lot….. Thanks for you time.

  30. well i think, its the students who make an institution … n a place where we spend most of our time is more like a home to us … this is very unfortunate that we the young generation confuses being enlightened as being westerners … no one is more unfortunate than those who dnt have their own identity n who feel ashamed to follow their own tradition … every house has some rules … if we dnt like them it doesnt mean those rules r wrong … we being young could be n in most case always are wrong …
    as far as this issue/gossip is concerned … i think these rules r necessary … for ur own protection n rights … if ur institution is taking responsibility of ur safety n protection of ur rights … y u have an objection …
    btw … this reminds me a speech of an iranian girl who said that her dress represents her mental development … when we r in school we r uniformed n well behaved … but with more education i wonder why we become a bit primitive instead of becoming mature …
    best of luck for those who see half filled glass … study hard n enjoy ur life.

  31. “A lot of new rules were suddenly implemented and the reasons for them were not clearly communicated to the students.”

    This is the key part. The administration introduces/repeals laws at their own discretion (or rahter whim/fancy) with out taking confidence the stake holders (the students, their parents or even their own faculty), whereas they should be consulting all of them. The administration has a top-down approach and this hawkish attitude has not changed despited this unfortunate event (and many like this in the past 20 or so years of the existence of NUST).

    At least now the head of the institute comes down from his pedestal and honors the students with his presence and even musters some apologetic words to the students his administration wronged. Ten years ago this would have been unimaginable.

  32. This article has been clearly endorsed by NUST admin. I know a lot of NUST students and I’ve never heard anyone support NUST’s policies.

    1. This article is not sponsored or endorsed by anyone. I wrote it entirely by myself, with what I heard at the Rector’s speech, and my own personal experience at NUST. And please do ask people you know at NUST for their opinions, because lately the tide has been very pro-institution.

      1. finally some at NUST is supporting it…as far as supporting NUST’s policies is concerned they are in the best interest of its students…H-12 should look forward towards implementing a proper dress code in every school….

      2. just so unfortunate n naiev that we cant even read/listen to the truth or views different from ours … i just wonder y education dnt make us educated n patient … y it is still just a qualification n not mental development … nice effort zainab but im afraid not many people will read it or agree to it …

    2. You are wrong bhai. NUST is the best university in the world. You are hypocrite if you do not like NUST. Everything done here is so fair. It is the best. This article was not sponsored. I like this article very much.

  33. Bismillahirrahmanirraheem! Assalam o alaikum wa rahmatullah. Extremely disappointing read, as if segregation and veiling has its origin from the Taliban. I know revert American women who are lovingly wearing the full face veil on American soil and here Pakistani Muslim girls just dying to get into skinny jeans and do away with the “symbol of oppression”, the dupatta..

    The pace of westernization in the Pakistani cultural scene has accelerated tremendously during the last couple of years. The easy availability of explicit foreign videos, novels and glossy magazines plus the increasingly bold and daring policies being adopted by our own print and electronic media, and the leniency with which all this is being tolerated by the believers and encouraged by those in authority show signs of a serious moral decadence. Add to this the liberalization of social norms that used to regulate the behavior of young men and women and you have the perfect recipe for disastrous societal degeneration.

    Any attempts to condemn and criticize these trends are usually brushed aside as irrational and dogmatic opinions of a few narrow minded fanatics who signs of an obscurantist mentality. Derogatory labels like these, however, do not constitute any logical argument, nor do they prove anything. We have to look at this scenario analytically and in the light of the Quran and Sunnah.

    Surah Al-Nur, v30-31:

    “Say to the believing men that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty; that is for greater purity for them, and Allah is well acquainted with all that they do.

    And say to the believing women that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty; that they should not display their beauty and ornaments except what appears thereof; that they should draw their veils over their bosoms and not display their beauty except to their husbands, their fathers, their husbands’ fathers, their sons, their husbands’ sons, their brothers or their brothers’ sons,or their sisters’ sons……….” to the end of the verse This ayah with its long list of close relatives would be an exercise in futility ma’az Allah if there were to be no difference between mahram and na mahram and women could pose and strut and intermingle with all and sundry.

    Surah Al-Ahzab, v33: “And find solace in your homes and do not make a dazzling display like that in former times of Ignorance, establish salat and give regular charity and obey Allah and His Messenger sallallahu alaihi wasallam”

    Surah Al-Ahzab, v59: “O Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) tell thy wives and daughters and other believing women that they should cast their cloaks over their persons (when venturing abroad); that is that they should be known as such and not annoyed and Allah is oft-forgiving, most Merciful.

    The Prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam once instructed Hadhrat Ali (radhi Allah Ta’ala unhu): O Ali! Don’t follow a glance with another,the first accidental glance is forgiven,the NEXT you’ll be held accountable for.

    He sallallahu alaihi wasallam also said that it is better for an iron nail to be drilled into your head than for your shoulders to touch a woman that is unlawful for you.

    All this seems eons removed from the scene today where you see a half dressed woman selling just about everything, first and foremost her faith for a miserable price and at the cost of eternity.

    A great and commendable effort is being made by NGOs in educating the masses regarding violence against women especially in its most despicable form:rape. However, the theme which is conspicuous by its absence in the whole corpus of speeches, seminars, articles and advertisements is the role played by the breakdown of morality, free intermingling of the genders and the widespread circulation of suggestive material.

    Unfortunately, whenever the role of provocatively dressed women and their equally provocative demeanor is pointed out as unnecessarily exciting the potential rapist, the immediate rejoinder, often delivered sarcastically consists of the counter argument that this is “blaming the victim”.Of course, rape is an ugly major sin, an enormity that is not justified under any circumstances,but does that mean that young women have to deliberately place themselves in dangerous situations?

    Leaders of the women’s lib movement in the West have misled their sisters into believing that men and women are essentially alike and that women can go anywhere, wear anything, do anything and say anything without having to face any undesirable repercussions. The consequences of such misguided and essentially futile attempts to change the basic human nature have been nothing short of disastrous.
    If we want to avoid the predicament that is troubling the west today, then we MUST curb our own drift towards permissiveness before it is too late. The time for taking corrective measures is rapidly running out and if we were to lose this time in our complacency and nonchalance, then the future generations are doomed.

    1. I am not affiliated with Nust at any level rather i am student of Shariah & law from IIUI at my junior level. here in our university everybody knows there is separate education system, which has good aspects as well as bad aspects. it was gulped to shape students according to the teachings of Islam. have they succeeded in their greater purpose. i will say not at all. co-education provided with simple and respected dress code is more favorable to achieve this target than to put males in east and females in west without any dress-code. it is remarkable to say that unfortunately in IIUI there is no dress code for females so i didn’t get their strategy.
      hats off to Ayesha Khawaja.

    2. madam thats half true..because the thing is that its a personal matter..if a woman thinks her modesty can be guarded by wearing hijaab/burqa/niqaab/chaddar then she should go for it.. no one has the right to taunt her as its her personal choice …but sister here its about an institution, a professional one..what is your purpose of going to any professional institute? and more importantly what is the purpose of any professional institute?? either to make your career or to instill some specific religious values in its pupils..?? is it right to enforce such rules containing an element of religiosity on some one who does not have faith in that particular religion..?? rules should contain essentials of uniformity,practicality,practicability and universality if you are talking about any professional institute.. you dont have to impose your beliefs on anyone..

    3. Ayesha khawaja … Very well said. I’ve lived many years in UK and believe me the goras are not bothered about this crap but the actual education they are there for … Our local print and visual media now sets the tone for how girls and guys should look n behave. … In short hamaray youngsters ko goroon Sai ziyada gora banay Ka shouq hai … Dopata on the shoulder being allowed is much more important than what education they are having. Mingling at the cafe with the girls is very important instead of focusing on projects… 9.30 curfew time for girls .. How dare they ? asks the female student … It should be midnight ! It’s ok if she stays out till midnight… ? We are slowly losing track of who we are and where we come from .. U my sister are spot on ! Who can challenge the words of Allah ! :)

    4. Mashaa Allah ….very well said Ayesha Khuwaja…but its very sad that no one is bother to think like that ….we have left Quran and Sunnah ….that is why this is happening …..Once Again very very thought provoking write……I suggest people do read Ayesh Khuwaja ….u r 100% right as u given references from Quran…

    5. Depends, of course, on what “what appears thereof” and “beauty” mean (as used in the verses you’re citing). Please keep in mind at their subjectiveness and avoid imposing YOUR understanding of the verses on hijab on everyone else

      Thank you.

  34. The fact is that students were fined before and they are being fined now. Dress code was always part of NUST/NBS mainly and nobody had an issue before. Such hype on petty matters is just another example how our people and ‘us’ give in to unimportant issues in our lives while ignoring the fact that following the west has actually weakened our own roots.

    Zainab you have really laid out the facts straight for people who have no background of this issue and never leave any opportunity to criticize others. Kudos!

  35. u cleared the NUST rules misconception beautifully. these are the rules that help students to focus well on their studies and academic life. hats off to ur article (Y) :)

  36. Good article, being an ex student undergraduate and master at NUST and CSUO, now in turkey where usually girls dont wear jeans or tights. I believe that this is a not a matter of NUST pride or reputation of NUST that nustians have started to defend it. NUST is a public uni and belongs to the people of Pakistan as much as anyone else.

    Enforcing our own morals on others is wrong and that was being in Nust. Secondly you need to be a very dirty person to notice that a girl is wearing tights and tights are so tight that they become indecent. A man noticing that and announcing the same on notice board is extreemly deplorable. Rules are good, discipline is even better

  37. Thanks Zainab for putting an accurate and true picture. After reading so much stuff over the past one week or so, I feel that people need to learn about how to respond to any problem in a mature way. The real issues were small and frankly they exist everywhere and will only get better with time. But people & due to them Media, painted a picture of NUST which was very negative and we know how the whole world is going to conceive it because of our dominating issues like Talibanization in Pakistan.
    So when we have started growing in our educational standards and NUST is one top example of Pakistan’s getting better in Higher Education Institutes, people need to think before they actually go on reacting in such crazy manner as it affects image and reputation of institute world wide. We all know NUST had started earning name worldwide over the past few years. People should need to keep that in mind before they start maligning it for petty issues.

  38. I graduated from NUST myself. Anyone who says NUST is too liberal or too strict is simply not aware of anything about NUST. It is an ideal blend of everything. However over the time, I have made an opinion about such issues;
    If your acts / words are being disliked by both religious fanatics as well as liberal fascists then chances are 99.99% that you are on the right track. Same NUST faces and I guess same you will face my dear writer :) Nevertheless you did a good job writer of this article. Keep it up!!

  39. I don’t think there is a much difference between a choridar and a skinny jeans or even tights for that matter. There are a lot of girls who have the capacity to make a decent attire like shalwar kameez, ‘walgar’. So wearing jeans and not wearing a dupatta shouldn’t be an issue. Especially when dupatta on the shoulders isnt really a part of formal attire. I am not saying that i have anything against dupatta but forcing someone to wear one when 1. they don’t want to wear it and 2. everyone else is forced to wear it is ABSURD. And by everyone I mean the other schools; SEECS, SCEE, SCME, SADA etc. There shouldn’t be an NBS dress code or an SEECS, SADA, SCME dress code. There should be one and only one dress code: NUST dress code.

  40. A perfectly true account to everything. Not one thing exaggerated or fabricated. Thankyou zainab for speaking up for our university and telling the world how the situation really is!!

  41. would you like to send your sister and any other girl from your family in tight jeans and skinny thighs ? then it all right go for it .

    1. Its the age of globalization and you have to proceed with the world , being an international institute nust should have international rules.And we dont have to be fundamentalist , its just a dress and you have to look good any ways.its all right whatever your sis or any girl likes to wear jeans or Salwar kameez.

  42. well presented…..
    the irony is ….. our media is trying hard to push us of track and we are so ignorant that we are actually fueling the process ourselves …. its a shame

  43. The funny thing is that you are arguing that NUST’s teachers are promoting athiesm, so NUST is a good university. Interesting argument.

    1. That’s not what I argued. I did not say a teacher promoted athiesm. He was teaching different perspectives and the question was to help us improve our theoretical and ideological understandings of religion and society. Also, I did not link this to the argument that NUST is a “good” university. That word is subjective. I was simply rebutting the alleged link to Talibanization, which is undoubtedly not very open minded to such theoretical debate.

    2. @Spade, your deduction abilities are amazing. Can you please point out where exactly did the author argue about NUST’s teacher promoting atheism and that having to do anything with NUST being a good educational institute?

      On a related note: A theological challenge to prove the existence of God is not atheism at all. I don’t know how someone can be a real muslim if they cannot even prove the basic concept of Islam. If Allah(S.W.T) wanted only a select bunch of people to be muslims, based on inheritance(like judaism nowadays), believing everything without any questions, he wouldn’t put in so many (now) obvious signs in the universe.

      1. Oh, ok. No more mentioning of waivers.
        …But what about a “stipend” for “academic excellence”? Were you awarded any of those?

    1. You my friend need to go punch yourself for such comments. Personal attack? jealous much of this well article.. I believe so.. Just because YOUR tuition expenses are waived does not mean everyone is like you.

      1. Oh, damn! Mahak, you just busted me. I admit, I am jealous…….of her “stipend” (and NOT waiver, because she hasn’t received any. At all. EVER. And especially NOT after writing this article). I come from a poor family so I would have loved to be in her position. This blog post keeps me up at night and I have lost appetite as a result. :'(

  44. What a buzzkill, writing sensibly and all.


  45. You covered the article really well, without taking any sides, and cleared many confusions that people might have. Great job Zainab!

  46. Living all my life abroad, I have seen different western cultures.
    Now I am in Pakistan for quite some time. Here people are conservative.
    But we, the upper/upper-middle class, who are obsessed with the western culture and want to talk, look, behave like them want to look different from normal Pakistanis. Students from these class try to get admissions in best universities, These students try to make environment according to their likes, western style. which leads to some disturbance for others.
    Anyways, if these western style students obey rules abroad happily, why is there problem in obeying Pakistani University Rules.?
    What is it so important to wear jeans, tights, for females in universities etc.?
    I think Pakistani students need to know how to behave in a muslim way, so that we can promote our culture, and not show obsession of western one.

    If French can implement ban on headscarf/veil, why can’t we implement ban on Jeans/Tights, etc.which are actually non-Islamic dresses.
    I feel every institution here in Pakistan must implement islamic dress code rules strictly.
    Students should come to universities to learn, no to show off..

    We must be proud of being Pakistani!

  47. You have written a well thought of and balanced article here, very well done. I am a former student of E&ME and even in our time NUST had quite strict rules there but i always appreciated the strictness done over the uniform issue as it created a uniformity among the very diverse kinds of students ( poor / rich , conservative / modern ) who came from all over the Pak and it saved the poor students from embarrassment as well as hindered show off from the rich . it created harmony and almost everyone accepted it and was comfortable . I also remember a student who posed to be an atheist and no one bothered him

  48. Thanks for the clarification, Zainab. As someone who was initially shocked to hear the news, I realized there was probably more to this story than was being sensationalized by the facebook brigade. Thanks for the clarification.

  49. This article makes me wish that the darkest places in hell should reserved for the people who exaggerate and over hype perfectly good laws as islamophobic and madrassic…. :like:

  50. The article is very well written and clarifies most of the confusions about the whole topic. But, my personal opinion on this is that as much as i believe it is needed to implement some sort of rules for coherence and social stability, I however also believe that in situations as such the need is not to go around throwing rules as there will always be some segment of the student body/society that would be in favor of it and some against it. So the need of the hour is to build a vibrant yet tolerant society/ student body. What makes my day is when I see a Boy with full beard and shalwar raised 6 inches above the ground talking to a girl in jeans and tees, and both are comfortable.

  51. Thanks for this article Zainab. For me, the problem with this whole issue is not that girls cant wear jeans or any of such superficial details. Infact, the problem lies with such rules existing in the first place. By labelling something as decent, you are inherently labelling the opposite as indecent which, in my opinion, is wrong on many levels. This form of moral policing already happens a lot in our country and coming from a prestigious institution like NBS, its just sad to hear.

    Although I attended NBS only for a couple of weeks, I often felt that there was too much attention to dress code which is pretty bizarre for college. Yes, these rules in schools definitely make sense, but in college its only fair that students are treated as adults. There has to be a relation based on faith between the university’s faculty and student body. Many of the world’s most successful universities follow this and there is no evidence to deem such behaviour harmful.

    While wearing a dupatta will not do any girl any harm, its wrong to say things like “this is for your own good”. This decision needs to be taken by the said individual herself if we are to succeed in nurturing well-rounded, self-assured individuals. By imposing such rules, the NBS management, in my opinion, is depriving its students of their freedom of choice.

    Some of these rules, for instance the one regarding clothes bearing provocative and offensive art are justified since they might hurt others. But things like wearing dupatta or wearing jeans is completely harmless and only affects the person who wears them. By labelling them as indecent, we are in a way re-enforcing the stereotype that girls who wear jeans are indecent. How are such stereotypes going to change in our society if our top institutions have such rules? Having said that, I do believe that these decisions are difficult and there always exists a question of where to draw the line. People have been unfair to NBS and such blog posts are definitely needed to clarify rumours.

  52. THANK GOD. FINALLY hearing everything from the horse’s mouth.

    Good job. Honestly. No NUSTian was saying anything even though I know so many. The rest of the world went bonkers.

    Again, well-written!

  53. oh well…..the reason NUSTians used to prefer other NUSTians for jobs was because they were better groomed, better dressed, more respectful and obviously better professionals……Gentlemen all in all……Good bye all of that…..C’mon nobody likes to hire cry babies……but then, I might be old school (having graduated from NUST more than ten years ago)

  54. Excellent post. However, can you please shed some light on why the post “Talibanization at NUST” by a blogger was deleted ? How it was deleted ? And where is that guy now & what is his status at NUST, now. Looking forward to hearing from you on this matter.

  55. Well I being an engineering graduate from Islamabad still think that wearing dupatta doesn’t bring any less beauty to women. There should be a difference between an educational institute and a showbiz party. I believe that all the rules are not so strict or so TALIBANISED that one cannot follow them. Short shirts and tights should not be allowed and dupattas (at least to be there) should be mandatory in all of the NUST schools or any educational institute in Pakistan for that matter.
    P.S. I am currently an M.Sc. student in Germany and girls here are way ahead then anything like dupattas or tights. So its not always about talibanisation. Being a Muslim, you have to draw a line somewhere for God sake.

  56. Good article, makes things more clear than what’s been flying around. Of course, the curfew in the cafes is to protect the students, so that unpleasant circumstances can be avoided and the dress code is a school policy that has to followed. But you seem to be trying really hard to prove that these policies have nothing to do with Islam. If its a school policy, cool, but if its got anything to do with religion then people aren’t happy. Makes you think about how ashamed we as a nation are about Islam.

  57. the point that girls are provided with university transport to visit markets is it true ?? bcoz there is no such service provided to the male hostelites…

    1. There’d be “no need” for the males, you see. Our society isn’t civilized enough yet (not that most other societies are, though, to be honest) to let women walk freely and openly in the streets without being harassed or harmed in any way. So our poor women need protection with such laws and accommodations. That’s also why the curfew is different for males and females at NUST. Unfair, but what can we say – we’ve to change the mindset first, no?

  58. Thank you for doing this. I remember 6 years ago pretty much the same rules thing came out in FAST. I think I still have a copy of that they were pretty much more strict in words than this. And I don’t think our rector ever came out to apologize for anything for my period there. It’s quite a big thing that the dude clarified the things he really didn’t need to.

    As far as the whole silly Taliban screaming bit is concerned. Nust has the most number of societies and extra curricular than any place I know there is always something on there and it’s always everyone not a segregated thing.

    When you’re spanned over a couple of sectors with hostels and under the wing or atleast affiliation with armed forces. I think some rules come into play and well they should.

    Good write up. We need more of these and less of the OMG let’s all scream because I saw a photo online without any context.

  59. Good Job.
    One thing though, could you summarize the Rector’s Speech and add at the end. That should complete the article and keep it available for everyone.
    Unless you want more twitter followers :)

    1. This article was written to put all the story across in one place. I wanted to add the Tweets as well but haven’t been able to embed them as yet. Thanks for the suggestion. I am looking into it (:

      1. Dear Sister Zainab,
        Thanks for your thoughts, it’s time of Fitna and you wrote well to clear the air. May Allah bless you with happiness and success and May Allah save you from all types of Fitna. Ameen.
        Kamran Ali

  60. if students are allowed to mix after 1700 hrs, then why the segregation at cafes? im sure keeping them lit is no problem.

    and Where in pakistan is dopatta on the shoulders a part of formal attire, not in the various FMCG, TELECOM, petrochem and other MNCs the nustains hope to get into. and speaking

    of formal attire, im sure nikabs are explicitly banned at NBS.

    speaking of curfews, you dont think that you are perfectly capable of assessing weather you should go into a dark alley at night or not?

    1. I am going to try answering all your questions, but these are all my opinions. The author might differ.
      1. The segregation of cafes was requested by the students themselves.
      2. Please describe, in your opinion, what is the formal attire in “Pakistan”?
      3. The “various FMCG, TELECOM, petrochem and other MNCs the nustians hope to get into”; do not represent Pakistan. They represent the foreign investment coming into Pakistan. IMHO they also do not represent the majority in the job market. So should NUST or specifically NUST Business School adhere to the non-requirements of this minority in the name of so called “liberalism” or “modernization”?
      4. I doubt nikabs are banned anywhere, infact on LMS(which btw is the course management system) students are encouraged to put forth their photos with nikabs. Don’t ask me why, it’s a completely different discussion but it has something to do with identifying students in the class for attendance mainly.
      5. Students are smart, there’s no doubt about it. They are also curious. Finally, not everyone in this world is a saint. Put these three statements in perspective and you’ll understand why there’s a need for a curfew.
      6. If you go through Zainab’s Twitter feed, you’ll find out the NUST administrations perspective on this as well.
      I understand you wanted an answer from the author but I had to butt in because I have nothing better to do and I very much like NUST.

    2. What u need to understand here is that
      1. NUST is HUGE!
      2. NUST has a VERY diversified crowd.

      For those who want to hang-out with friends, they have the entire campus to roam around and so it is not an issue for them. But what about girls who want privacy? who want to hang-out with female friends but not in the company of men. Nd believe me there are many girls in NUST who may feel this way. For them NUST has assigned a private cafe. This caters both audience, those who want mixed gender gatherings and those who want privacy.
      Coming to your last point, NUST has a sense of responsibility towards parents. When parents send their kids to NUST, they expect the admin to stress upon the same values that they teach their kids at home. Most parents don’t want their children out in dark alleys with guys at night. In Pakistan my guess would be 95% parents wouldn’t want that. Rector clearly said that if your parents don’t mind u roaming around all night you should ask them to contact us, we will change the rules.

  61. Nice…I think this clears up a lot of things. Good coverage, but can you make a post out of your tweets too? An article covering the speech/meeting in an organized manner would be wonderful. Great work!

  62. Many girls in SCME been asked to wear a dupatta by the SCME admin. So it’s not true that dupatta is limited to business students only.

      1. It means France has done right and we must all support them. Though, I support its policy because its French govt right…but the one who wears scarf must also stop protesting. How we can be so hypocrite? On one side we support one action but on side side we feel pissed off on same type of policy.

  63. A comprehensive overview liked it.
    I have a feeling that you are a bit central right in your opinions and analysis. It would be nice to hear a counter argument from leftist about their perspective as all fuss was created leftist figures on social and electronic media.

    Its not fronteir its kpk now :)

    1. So you r one of the product of your best university.if that is the best pakistan can produce then surely scenario is horrible.With Talibani mindsets like you,no wonder pak is moving towards rapid radicalization and extremism is at peak.What is wrong in wearing jeans and tight??

  64. Thank you very much for this post. It really helped me what exactly is going on in the NUST. Otherwise, I have been debating to my friend from NUST over this issue and he was not able to clear it to me. I was just thinking that NUST administration has lost its mind.
    Great post !

  65. Rules are needed everywhere to keep a society or school in Check. These rules are for our own betterment. Heck move to the US and live in a all girls Hostel. This is the ‘western’ part of the world and we still have rules to abide by. Once again the Media plays bad role which I am no surprised about. I’ve only heard good things abouts NUST. I just think some students need to get the fact straights and stop complaining over rules that will do no harm to them! Good job i enjoyed reading this

  66. People are dying through terrorism and appalling economy, but we got an issue bigger than that. Media is making mountain out of molehill. This moral degradation and pathetic approach of sidelining core issue is disgraceful. Either they are fed up with excessive, unnecessary discussions or they have an agenda to malign such a prestigious institute. Students should protest against media because at the end it’s their uni whose reputation at stake

  67. Al tough i have no relations with NUST. But i was following this issue keenly. & I think the author has very well presented the case and explained everything is detail to represent the true picture.

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