Luca: The Beauty of Childhood

It took me a bit to watch Luca, I admit. As I mentioned in a previous blog, I've become a bit jaded toward Disney and Pixar since all of their latest films seemed to be recycled or uninspired content. Like Encanto, I was pleasantly surprised. Other reviews said it was good, but I was skeptical,... Continue Reading →

Mirabel is a Younger Abuela?

I know the title sounds weird, but I find some interesting similarities between Abuela and Mirabel. Starting with the obvious, they both love their family deeply. They will do anything they can to protect them, even if it means holding them too close or getting in the way at times. However, I want to look... Continue Reading →

Mirabel’s Gift Was Here All Along

When I watched Encanto the first time, I pondered what Mirabel's gift could be, and it wasn't entirely clear at the end. After all, her potential door disintegrated before her eyes during her ceremony. Even though she said she was okay with it and viewed herself as just as important and valuable as her family... Continue Reading →

Suicide Squad: A Cinematic Disaster?

Suicide Squad is funny, crazy, and a little strange. If you like DC comic creations, you may enjoy the latest flick, Suicide Squad. A movie rarely takes on the perspective of the "antagonists" of their respective film, which I found refreshing. The movie features Harley Quinn, her beloved Joker (though known as Jay), Deadshot, Killer... Continue Reading →

Encanto: Better Than Expected

I think most of us can agree, Disney and Pixar have dropped the ball in recent years when it comes to their movies. Mostly Disney's movies seem to be a soulless live-action remake of an already perfect film. These movies left me unsatisfied and craving more creative sustenance. They didn't deliver the plot or character... Continue Reading →

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