For the love of food…

With so much talent in Pakistan, it’s no wonder so many new businesses are springing up every day. From fashion to computer science, to food – it seems that every industry has got a budding new name to boast, with motivated youths giving it their all to make it in the business world. I’ll be talking about some of these businesses and how I think they’re enabling the youth to step up and take charge in changing Pakistan. One of these up-and-comers that I personally enjoy is foodpanda, an-order-food-right-from-your-smartphone app. I’m not going to elaborate on how awesome that is, because it’s pretty obvious. Here’s a fun survey of what people are eating in Pakistan.

Other fun facts to keep in mind are that foodpanda has already received over 15,000 food orders in the first quarter of this year, and that they’re playing a huge part in the ‘Mobile First’ business trend that’s emerging in the developing world.

How do you think innovative business upstarts affect the economy and the daily lives of citizens, either in Pakistan or other countries? Have you heard of a new business that you’d like to share?


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