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America: Land of my dreams and home of the Whopper

Balky (left) and Larry (right) are the best of friends. Perfect Strangers was an American sitcom that ran for eight years straight, until 1993, that showcased the lives of two best friends: Larry Appleton, a good old boy from the American Midwest  and Balky Bartokomous, his “related by rumour” cousin from an imaginary island kingdom called Mypos, in Midwestern Europe.… Continue reading America: Land of my dreams and home of the Whopper

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Pawnay 14 August

Islamabad‘s got it’s fair share of theatre-goers – you know, the sophisticated aunties, and the foreign-influenced teens, and the old couples that have Ph.D’s in drawing-room politics. Though I’ve never been a regular member of this group, I do enjoy the occasional play at the Pakistan National Council of Arts. There’s something serene and yet very impressive… Continue reading Pawnay 14 August